Tord Tamerlane Teodor Thorell

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Tord Tamerlane Teodor Thorell

Tord Tamerlan Teodor Thorell , called Tamerlan Thorell, (born May 3, 1830 in Gothenburg , † December 22, 1901 in Helsingborg ) was a Swedish arachnologist . He taught as a professor of zoology at Uppsala University .

Thorell studied zoology in Uppsala, graduating as a Cand. phil. 1855 and his doctorate in 1856. Then he was a lecturer in Uppsala, 1859 adjunct and 1864 professor. In 1861/62 he traveled abroad on a state grant. In 1866 he had to give up his lectureship for health reasons and in 1877 he retired for the same reason. From 1875 he lived in southern Europe (with a brief return in 1879/80).

He studied the arachnids with Giacomo Doria (1840-1913) at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale de Genua and corresponded with the arachnologists Frederick Octavius ​​Pickard-Cambridge and Eugène Simon . Thorell published two important works: On European spiders (1869) and synonyms of European spiders (1870–1873).

With Gustaf Lindström he described a scorpion from the Silurian mountains of Gotland , which caused a sensation at the time, as it was considered the oldest air-breathing fossil.

He edited the Swedish edition of the then widespread zoology textbook by Henri Milne Edwards and published in 1880 on the theory of Charles Darwin in the Ny svensk tidskrift .

He was a member of the Society of Sciences in Uppsala (1866) and the Swedish Academy of Sciences (1877) and honorary member of the Entomological Society in Stockholm (1885).

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