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The Traungau describes a historical region on the lower reaches of the Traun between the Alpine ridge and the Danube in what is now Upper Austria .


The Traungau is bordered by the Danube in the north, the Enns in the east, the Alps in the south and the Hausruck in the west. It largely corresponds to the Traunviertel .


The Traungau was in the far east of the Bavarian tribal duchy , to which it belonged until 1180. From around 800 the Traungau was part of the Baierischen Ostland and formally subordinated to its prefect. From 821 until his death (after 853) Wilhelm I was Gramann's successor Count des Traungaus. The name is best known from the Bavarian aristocratic family of the Traungau , who were wealthy on the lower reaches of the Steyr and built the Styraburg at its confluence with the Enns , which gave Styria its name .

Noble families

The noble family Abensperg and Traun come from the Traungau region. The Wels-Lambachers and the Rapotons also lived in Traungau.

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