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Coat of arms of the Traungau, the white panther , documented in 1160
Feudal flag of the Styrian Traungau, a coat of arms banner that goes back to the Eppensteiner , since 1122

The Traungau (also von Traungau ) were counts , margraves and dukes from the Otakare line who ruled Styria (Margraviate Steyer) from 1056 to 1192 . Today's Styria takes its name from the city of Steyr . Until 1180 (marrow) county , then duchy , its territory continued to change in expansion until 1918 , when it became a federal state . The Dukes of Traungau are among the co-founders of what is now Austria.


Origin and possessions

The von Traungau family originally came from Chiemgau . From 1055 their rule was in Traungau in what is now Upper Austria with its seat in Steyr.

Margraves and Dukes of Styria from the Otakare family (Traungauer)

coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Traungau shows the so-called white panther ( heraldic animal) , which as the Styrian panther in green is today's coat of arms of Styria and the city of Steyr. The coats of arms of the municipalities of Enns and Mödling also show the white panther, as does the city of Graz , but crowned with gold. The municipal coat of arms of Kainbach bei Graz shows the panther as a coat of arms figure together with a lion.


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