Ottokar III. (Styria)

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Fresco in the Johanneskapelle Pürgg , Styria, 12th century.
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Ottokar III. (also Otakar III. von Steier ; * around 1125; † December 31, 1164 near Fünfkirchen / Pécs), from the Traungau family , a branch of the Otakare , was the Margrave of Styria .

He was the son of Leopold I and the Welfin Sophie von Bayern († around 1145) , daughter of Heinrich the Black and aunt of Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa .

Since Ottokar was only 4 years old when his father died, Sophie ruled Styria for many years under guardianship.

Ottokar acquired huge areas and offices through inheritance:

With this he commanded a domain from the Danube to the Save to Carniola .

During his reign Graz became more and more the administrative center of Styria: After the death of the owner of the rule Graz, the highly free Aribone Bernhard von Stübing , grandson of the Count Palatine Aribo II , his sons Konrad "Henne" von Feistritz and Adalram became in 1151 because of alleged treason beheaded. The third son, Udalrich von Graz , entered the Seckau monastery before 1156, and the Schlossberg and the Grazer Boden left of the Mur to the Salzburger Gut ad rapam / Raab ( St. Ruprecht ) belonged to Ottokar. The Aribone servants, Hadmar vom Ennstal, builder of the Schlossbergburg, and his son, Burgrave Udalrich von Graz , were taken over by the new masters and took care of the further development and expansion of the settlement and market.

Ottokar founded a Spital am Semmering in 1160 (in today's Spital am Semmering ), a hospice and a hostel for pilgrims, crusaders and merchants, in 1163 the Vorau Abbey and in 1164 Germany's first Charterhouse at Seiz near Gonobitz .

Ottokar died on a crusade in Hungary in 1164. His son was the first Duke of Styria.


From his marriage to Kunigunde von Vohburg († 1184) came:

predecessor Office successor
Leopold I. Margrave of Styria
Ottokar IV
(from 1180 duke)


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