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The Wels-Lambacher , a Bavarian count family , related to the Aribones , owned property in Traungau and also appeared as margraves of the Mark an der Mur (later Styria ).


Arnold I. von Wels-Lambach († 1020) is considered to be the progenitor of this line. He was married to Hiltiburg, daughter of Count Palatine Aribo I.

Arnold II von Wels-Lambach († 1055), son of Arnold I, received after the overthrow of Adalberos von Eppenstein in 1035 (because of alleged high treason) the dignity of margrave in the Mark on the Mur . In 1050 a slaughter took place in Lambach Castle, to which his wife Regilla / Reginlind von Verdun and his sons Gottfried and Arnold III. fell victim with his wife Hazecha. Arnold II then dedicated his ancestral castle to a collegiate monastery ( Lambach monastery ) and died in 1055. His last surviving son, Bishop Adalbero von Würzburg , converted the collegiate monastery into a Benedictine monastery in 1056 .

Gottfried von Pitten († 1050), son of Arnold II, defeated the invading Magyars in 1042 and received from Emperor Heinrich III. the county of Pitten with rich own property. From 1042 he was co-margrave (?) In his father's marrow. The margraviate went to the Traungau Otakar in 1056 , as did parts of his possessions in Traungau and in Enns and Paltental .

Mathilde († around 1100), Gottfried's daughter, gave the Pitten allodial inheritance to her husband, Count Ekbert I from Formbach .

Adalbero von Würzburg , († 1090, extinction of the line in the male line), son of Arnold II.


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