TuS Hofweier

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The gymnastics and sports club Hofweier , or TuS Hofweier for short , was a sports club from Hofweier in southern Baden , which was best known for its handball players.


In February 1928 the handball department of TuS Hofweier was founded, in which until then only gymnastics was practiced. In 1934 they were already playing in the then promotion class (today district class). From 1939 to 1945 there was no game operation due to the Second World War . As early as 1945, however, the game was resumed with one team. In 1956 the club took part in the South German field handball championship .

TuS Hofweier won five championship titles in southern Baden and held several times in the national league of the time , as well as two youth titles.

Indoor handball

The club's great boom took place in the 1960s. 1969/70 the Hofweirer rose to the regional league . In 1972 the first team in field and hall won the South Baden championship and the South German youth championship (last field handball year). In 1973 Simon Schobel stayed in Hofweier on a visit to the Romanian team Universitatea Cluj after the legendary "window jump". Schobel became player-coach and top scorer in the season 73/74, his team was regional league champion and promoted to the two-part Bundesliga. In 1975 the club became second division champions. In 1976 Arno Ehret was honored with a grandiose reception after the Summer Olympics in Montreal . In 1978 Arno Ehret and Arnulf Meffle were celebrated as world champions. With the greatest success in the club's history under the leadership of the first chairman Franz Müller and dept. Leader Dietmar Isen - the German runner-up - even the then Prime Minister Lothar Späth did not miss the opportunity to personally congratulate the successful handball players.

Major players

Also: Erich Junker, Albrecht Jehle, Manfred Fritsch, goalkeeper Siegfried Heimburger and long-time captains Karl-Heinz Schienle and Werner Decker, as well as department head Dietmar Isen (74–82) and youth manager Edmund Hogenmüller .

In 1984 national coach Simon Schobel and Hofweir players Arnulf Meffle and Michael Roth won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles . Also with the B - youth they won the German championship in 1981 under coach Bernhard Zapf.

Well-known former coaches


After the 1988/89 season, the club had to file for bankruptcy and, in the same season, was relegated from the Bundesliga after 15 years .

The team from the first hour and the most successful time met long afterwards as the traditional Hofweier team on all kinds of occasions.

Successor club

The legal successor of TuS Hofweier is the gymnastics club Hofweier. However, this does not have a handball department.

Therefore the handball club Grün-Weiß Hofweier was founded. From 1992 this club reached several youth championships in southern Baden until today. In 1993 they achieved the cup victory and at the same time the South Baden championship and runner-up in the regional league season 1. In 1997, the GHS Hofweier team was the first junior high school team to become national champions in youth training for the Olympics . After the 1997/98 season, he was relegated to the regional league. Only one season later followed in 1998/99 with only two points of loss of promotion to the league.

The association was honored with the presentation of the green ribbon by the German Sports Association for "exemplary talent promotion".