Udalrich II (Moravia)

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Udalrich II. (Also Ulrich , Oldericus, dei gratia Morauorum dux or Oldřich ; * 1134 ; † October 18, 1177 ) became Duke of Königgrätz in 1152 and ruled as Duke of Olomouc from 1173 to 1176 .


He came from the Přemyslid family and was the younger son of Duke Soběslav I from his marriage to Adelheid of Hungary ( Adleyta ), the daughter of Almusch of Hungary (Almuš Uherský).


Allegedly Udalrich II promised the Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa a larger sum of money around 1152 if he would give him - and not his cousin Vladislav II. - the Duchy of Bohemia as a fief. After intervention by Bishop Daniel of Prague , all parties agreed Udalrich II. The castle Gradetz ( Hradec Kralove to leave), while an imperial charter of 1158 Vladislav II. As "dux" (Eng. "Duke") means of Bohemia.

The balance did not last long and Udalrich II fled into exile in Poland, then to the emperor's court, where he was welcomed as a loyal follower from 1162 onwards. He took part in several Italian campaigns by the emperor Friedrich Barbarossa.

When Vratislav II abdicated and Udalrich II was given the opportunity to take over the Duchy of Bohemia in 1173, he declined this honor in favor of his older brother Soběslav II . For his waiver he was compensated with the Duchy of Olomouc in Moravia .

Udalrich II was first married to Cäcilie von Thuringia , daughter of Count Ludwig I , and the second to Sophie von Wettin, daughter of the Margrave of Meißen, Otto the Rich .

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