Evening Show (Berlin)

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Television broadcast
Original title Evening show
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) since 1958
Sender Free Berlin (1958–2003)
Broadcasting Berlin-Brandenburg (since 2003)
length around 30 minutes
genre news
Moderation see moderators
First broadcast September 1, 1958 on Sender Free Berlin
TV center of the RBB and location of the evening show studio on Theodor-Heuss-Platz in Berlin-Westend
Logo of the evening show until August 31, 2018

The evening show is a regional news program on television of the Berlin-Brandenburg radio . The original name of the show was until 1993 Berliner Abendschau .


The first edition of the Berliner Abendschau was broadcast on September 1, 1958 by the broadcaster Free Berlin , initially and over the following decades in the regional evening program of the ARD . The moderator of the first program was Günter Piecho, who shortly afterwards migrated to the planned, but for constitutional reasons, failed "Adenauer-Fernsehen" (2nd TV program). Harald Karas was initially the deputy of Piecho, but after his departure he became director and presenter of the show. Topics of the first broadcast, which began at 7 p.m. and lasted a quarter of an hour, were the increase in airfares between Tempelhof Airport and West Germany , on which the then Transport Senator Otto Theuner commented, the police show held the day before in the Olympic Stadium , a tennis tournament and a rowing regatta on the Havel .

In addition to Karas, Heinz Deutschendorf , Alexander von Bentheim , P. C. Schmidt, Lutz Lehmann and Wolfgang Hanel were presenters from the very beginning . In the decades that followed, the evening show developed into an institution and one of the identification factors of the West Berlin population. For example, the quick draftsman Oskar , who later became known throughout Germany through the entertainment program Dalli Dalli with Hans Rosenthal, first appeared in the Berliner Abendschau - the draftsman Ole Jensen was also part of the Abendschau team. Until well into the 1970s, the audience quota was 40 percent, especially since the show was broadcast in the first program on the evening before television. Around every second Berliner followed the previous evening's reports on political , cultural , economic and sporting events in the city.

The successful broadcast was later extended and moved to a later slot at 19:25. After Karas left the show, there was some internal turbulence related to the appointment of Gert Ellinghaus as evening show director. Artistic director and television director Kurt Rittig removed Ellinghaus from this position. The former evening show presenter Alexander Kulpok had to temporarily take over the management of the show in 1987/1988 in addition to his work as head of the ARD / ZDF teletext headquarters. Jochen Sprentzel , Johannes B. Kerner and Peter-Hans Göpfert joined the moderators. Eckart Bethke, Barbara Groth and Rainer Laubenthal were appointed one after the other to lead positions in the evening show. Before that, the program was presented for some time by double moderation. The moderator teams included a. Jeanette Enders-Schiemann, Gerhard Lenz , Angelika Neumann, Arvid Wahl, Marianne Beland, Hans-Werner Kock and Evelyn Lazar. From the beginning of the 1990s, the show was presented by a presenter on a weekly basis - similar to Tagesthemen (ARD) and heute-journal (ZDF). At first these were Ulrike von Möllendorff and Friedrich Moll . Cathrin Böhme took over from Möllendorff in the mid-1990s, Sascha Hingst replaced Moll in 2007. Eva-Maria Lemke joined in spring 2018. Cathrin Böhme ended her activity as an evening show presenter on September 2, 2018.

From October 1, 1992 to December 31, 1992, the evening show was broadcast in parallel in the pre-evening program of ARD and in the third program (the B1 , which was newly founded on October 1, 1992 ) and finally switched to the third (B1) from January 1, 1993. In the 1990s, in addition to the main edition, four further offshoots were introduced, spread over the day and evening. After the merger of SFB and ORB on May 1, 2003 to form the two-country station RBB , the main edition will be continued and broadcast in the Berlin broadcasting area - especially via cable and DVB-T . The other editions have since been called RBB Aktuell and are broadcast throughout the broadcasting area, with topics from the entire broadcasting area also being dealt with. The 45th anniversary of the evening show was celebrated on September 13, 2003 with a celebration in the Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz .

The evening show was the first medium to report regularly on the Berlin polar bear baby Knut - with footage shot exclusively by the carers for the show . Since January 30, 2007 there is a weekly series in the evening show . The RBB also set up a blog and websites and produced a Knut series for ARD .

The 50th anniversary in 2008 was celebrated with a special series within the regular program: “50 Years of Evening Show”. Daily flashbacks to one year each (chronological order) were shown on 50 broadcast days in July and August. The show Rückblende also consists of old contributions from the evening show from 25 or 15 years earlier. On June 7, 2011, the 17,000. Broadcast.

From November 9, 2013 - the 24th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall - the RBB repeated the evening show every night from the day of 25 years ago with a view to the 25th anniversary on November 9, 2014 . The nightly repetitions of the Berliner Abendschau (from 25 years ago) were discontinued on October 3, 2015 with the issue of the Day of German Unity on October 3, 1990.

The evening show has been broadcasting from a new studio since September 1, 2018. The on-air design was revised and now has similarities with that of Brandenburg aktuell and rbb24 .


Moderator Started Exit / active
Karas, HaraldHarald Karas 1958 1984
Piecho, GüntherGünther Piecho 1958 1959
from Bentheim, AlexanderAlexander von Bentheim 1958
1984 and 1988
Kock, Hans-WernerHans-Werner Kock 1962 1991
Hanel, WolfgangWolfgang Hanel 1963 1984
Lenz, GerhardGerhard Lenz 1970 1992
Choice, ArvidArvid choice 1970 1991
Deutschendorf, HeinzHeinz Deutschendorf 1970 1974 and 1988
Kulpok, AlexanderAlexander Kulpok 1971 1975 and 1988
Lazar, EvelynEvelyn Lazar 1971 1991
Schneider, RichardRichard Schneider 1973 1984
Boes, RoderichRoderich Boes 1975 1984
Thies, WernerWerner Thies 1980 1988
Collyer, IreneIrene Collyer 1981 1984
Strive, KlausKlaus Strebe 1981 1983 and 1987
Ellinghaus, GertGert Ellinghaus 1984 1987
Beland, MarianneMarianne Beland 1985 1991
Enders-Schiemann, JeanetteJeanette Enders-Schiemann 1985 1991
Neumann, AngelikaAngelika Neumann 1986 1998
Göpfert, WinfriedWinfried Göpfert 1986
Sprentzel, JochenJochen Sprentzel 1987 1989
Friedrichs, BarbaraBarbara Friedrichs 1989 1990
Moll, FriedrichFriedrich Moll 1990 2007
von Möllendorff, UlrikeUlrike von Möllendorff 1991 1997
Thal, RaikoRaiko Thal 1992 active
Warrior, OlafOlaf Krieger 1994 1995
Prokosch, HaraldHarald Prokosch 1994 1998
Boehme, CathrinCathrin Böhme 1997 2018
Arnhold, EllenEllen Arnhold 1999 1999
Lerch, JanJan Lerch 1999 2004
Hung, SaschaSascha Hingst 2007 active
Vannahme, AndreaAndrea Vannahme 2009 active
Lemke, Eva-MariaEva-Maria Lemke 2018 active
Wieprecht, VolkerVolker Wieprecht 2019 active
Oswald, SarahSarah Oswald 2019 active

news reporter

speaker Started Exit / active
Bauer, RenateRenate Bauer
Bayertz, HelgaHelga Bayertz
Diehl, RuthRuth Diehl
Enders-Schiemann, JeanetteJeanette Enders-Schiemann
Duke, UlliUlli Herzog
Run, HelenHelen Lauff
Louka, JanaJana Louka
Tomiak, KerstinKerstin Tomiak
Mahler, RegineRegine Mahler
Wiatrek, GünterGünter Wiatrek 1975 2001
Pukass, JoachimJoachim Pukass
Wiechmann, SiegfriedSiegfried Wiechmann 1990
Thieck, AndreasAndreas Thieck 2007
Schmidtke, Bert-GünterBert-Günter Schmidtke
Flotho, MichaelMichael Flotho 1995 2008
Gas, DanielDaniel Gäsche 1999 2007
Paulisch, ChristinaChristina Paulisch 2000 active
Real one, DorotheaDorothea Echte 1995
Walter, AxelAxel Walter 1997 active
Luer, NadyaNadya Luer 2004 2019
Bonhoff, CathrinCathrin Bonhoff 2009 active
Jacobs, DirkDirk Jacobs 2015 active
Üşük, DilekDilek Üşük 2019 active


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