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Ulises Carrión (born 1941 in San Andrés Tuxtla , Veracruz , Mexico ; † October 1989 in Amsterdam ) was a Mexican artist , writer , editor and bookseller .


In 1972 Carrión moved to the Netherlands . In 1975 he opened the “other books and so archive” in Amsterdam, 1977–78 he was the editor of the magazine ephemera and from 1978 the publication of the “errata mail international system” followed.

Ulises Carrión provided an early definition of artist book . In 1975 he published his essay “The New Art of Bookmaking” in Spanish in the form of a polemical poem (Plural No. 41, Mexico City. 1975). This essay was later published in English in a slightly abbreviated form in Contexts No 6/7, Amsterdam, 1975. The text appeared in a slightly modified form in a catalog of the Remont Gallery, Warsaw, 1976. Also in the European edition of Art Contemporary No 9, Vol III No 1, San Francisco, 1977. A Polish translation was published in Linia February-March, Warsaw, 1977. The German translation was published in the Frankfurt art magazine Wolkenkratzer in October 1982 (issue 3/82). The English and German versions of the essay can be found on the website of the “Archives for Artistic Books and More”.

Ulises had been a Dutch citizen since 1984 .

Books and artist books

  • Carrión Ulises, ed., From Bookworks to Mailworks, other books and so, Amsterdam, 1978
  • Carrión Ulises, Cres, self-published, Amsterdam, 1978
  • Carrión Ulises, The Muxlows, Verlaggalerie Leaman, Düsseldorf, 1978
  • Carrión Ulises, Mirror box, Stempelplaats Amsterdam, 1979 (stamp prints on white felt, pages stapled)
  • Carrión Ulises, Rubber Stamp Books, Lomholt Form Press, Odder, 1979
  • Carrión Ulises, names en adressen, Agora - Studio, Maastricht, 1980
  • Carrión Ulises, Second Thoughts, VOID Distributors, Amsterdam, 1980
  • Carrión Ulises / Agius Juan J., eds., Beeld Boeken, Galerie da Costa, Amsterdam, 1980
  • Carrión Ulises / Crozier Robin, u. a., Art in Public, Marode Editions, Würzburg, 1981
  • Carrión Ulises / Kretschmer Hubert, the new art of bookmaking, Wolkenkratzer Verlag, Frankfurt, 1982


  • Carrión Ulises, ed., Commonpress 5, self-published, Amsterdam, 1978 (Box Boxing Boxers, stamped)
  • Carrión Ulises u. a., Ephemera, Other Books and So, Amsterdam, from 1978

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