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description German art magazine
Headquarters Frankfurt am Main
First edition 1983
attitude 1989
ISSN (print)

Wolkenkratzer (also: Wolkenkratzer Art Journal ) was an art magazine that was published in Frankfurt am Main from 1983 to 1989 .

Content and story

The magazine Wolkenkratzer emerged in 1983 from the publication Wolkenkratzer - Frankfurter Kulturelle Advertisements , which appeared from 1982 to 1983 in A3 format and was distributed free of charge through Frankfurt galleries and museums. From 1983 to 1989 the magazine was published as the Wolkenkratzer Art Journal by subscription and classic magazine distribution throughout the German-speaking area every two to three months by Soukup, Krauss Verlag, with a recent circulation of ten to twelve thousand copies. The magazine increasingly gained readers in other European countries and also in the American art scene, which is why a summary in English was partially added from 1986.

The skyscraper Art Journal looked at as one of the leading German art journals in non-academic way with avant-garde - and contemporary art . In addition to articles and reports on current art topics from the fields of painting, photography, sculpture, video and performance, works and works from the fields of film, music, theater, fashion and design were also discussed in parts.

The “magazine of contemporary art and culture” highlighted the current trends in the art scene with reports on exhibition openings and trade fair events. The activities of the scene were illustrated with event photos. The portrait and person photos of artists and photographers such as Benjamin Katz , Wilhelm Schürmann or Günther Förg, which were published in several editions, were striking and shaped the live style character of the journal.

The journal character of the skyscraper was a novelty for an art magazine. The layout was characterized by a clear, modern design.

The magazine was founded, edited and editorially managed by Roman Soukup and Lothar Krauss. International authors were part of the permanent / free editorial team from the start. In 1987, Isabelle Graw and Wolfgang Max Faust joined the editorial team as authors, which they had taken over towards the end of the publication period. As authors (sometimes also with editorial responsibility) wrote for the skyscraper u. a. Christoph Blase , Andreas Kallfelz , Peter Bexte , Wilfried Dickhoff , Pier Luigi Tazzi, Jutta Koether , Walter Grasskamp , Peter Weibel , Klaus Walter , Justin Hoffmann , Donald Kuspit , Sabine B. Vogel , Tom Holert , Thomas Daum and Karlheinz Schmid .

The magazine was discontinued by its publisher in 1989. In the editorial of the last issue, Wolfgang Max Faust pointed out the “jump in the number of readers over the past year”. The title rights were bought up by Gruner + Jahr and used by art - Das Kunstmagazin , which temporarily still had the reference in the subtitle (as “Das Kunstmagazin mit Skenkratzer Art Journal”) and has the title lettering in the imprint of art to this day .

With the founding of Artwork International - Art & eBook Magazine in December 2013 by Roman Soukup and Saul Aaron Appelbaum, the skyscraper Art Journal will also be continued today with a planned reprint of the artwork in an indirect way.


  1. That was the subtitle of the magazine. Later also: “European magazine for contemporary art and culture”.