Circumference (geometry)

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Circumference of the circle:
U  =  d · π (here, d  = 1)
Perimeter of the rectangle :
U  = 2 a  + 2 b  = 2 ( a  +  b )

The circumference of a flat figure, which is bounded by a line , denotes the length of its boundary line.

The formula for the circumference is:

  • stands for the scope
  • for the radius of the circle ,
  • for the circle number with the value 3.14159265… and
  • for the circle diameter .

The circumference of a polygon is the sum of its side lengths .

Heart curve (drawing with )

If the boundary line of the figure is described by a closed, piece-wise smooth parameter curve with


so the circumference can be calculated using the following integral :


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