Usnea filipendula

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Usnea filipendula
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Usnea filipendula

Class : Lecanoromycetes
Subclass : Lecanoromycetidae
Order : Lecanorales
Family : Parmeliaceae
Genre : Beard lichen ( Usnea )
Type : Usnea filipendula
Scientific name
Usnea filipendula

Usnea filipendula , also known as the common treebeard , is a lichen that grows from trees and forms characteristic lichen beards.


This lichen forms up to 30 cm long yellow-green "beards" that hang down from branches. On the weakly branched main branches of the lichen there are horizontally protruding thin secondary branches and short pins ( isidia ), which are used for reproduction. This gives this species a herringbone appearance. As with all Usnea species, the bearing sections have a round cross section with a solid medullary cord in the center. If you pull on the branches, the white medullary cord is exposed.


The species only grows in areas with high air quality and on trees with "acid" bark such as conifers or birches in exposed mountain forests with high levels of precipitation or fog from the boreal coniferous forest belt to the Mediterranean.

In Germany the common treebeard is considered endangered.

regional customs

Beard lichens are indirectly part of the intangible cultural heritage in Austria . Especially in Tyrol, full-body suits are made from beard lichen for individual figures in the carnival custom. In the Telfer Carnival, which takes place every five years, the Telfer Schleicherlauf z. For example, the wild ones also have the task of keeping order and sufficient space for subsequent groups when moving.

Also in the Swabian-Alemannic carnival in Furtwangen in the Black Forest there is a single figure whose hat is completely hung with lichen. The Bodenwälder is a legendary figure from the Bodenwald, one of the Furtwang mountains.


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