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Map lichen (Rhizocarpon geographicum)

Map lichen ( Rhizocarpon geographicum )

Sub-kingdom : Dikarya
Department : Ascomycota mushrooms
Subdivision : Real ascent mushrooms (Pezizomycotina)
Class : Lecanoromycetes
Subclass : Lecanoromycetidae
Order : Lecanorales
Scientific name

The Lecanorales are an order of hose mushrooms (Ascomycota) and very contained many lichen-forming species.


The thallus is very diverse. The apothecia are round to bowl-shaped. The species that live in a lichen symbiosis form apothecia in which the specially constructed asci stand between paraphyses with head-like, thickened ends. The asci are club-shaped, thick-walled, sometimes multilayered. They also have a crown around the pore-shaped opening.

The plant symbionts (photobionts) of the lichen-forming species are green algae (e.g. Trebouxia , Coccomyxa ) and cyanobacteria ( Nostoc ).


The Lecanorales include the following families with selected genera and species:



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