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The Verlag Deutsche Polizeiliteratur (VDP) is a German specialist publisher based in Hilden . Since 1999 it has consisted of the two divisions VDP GmbH Advertising Management and VDP GmbH Book Sales. The publishing house is a 100% subsidiary of the German Police Union (GdP).


The predecessor was the publisher Deutsche Polizei GmbH , founded in Hamburg in 1951 . It was founded by the two regional districts of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein of the police union with its publishing house in Hamburg. The aim of the GdP was to provide its members with "historically unencumbered" specialist literature. Publishing activities began in 1951 with two book titles and a magazine with the then managing director Erich Hansen and two employees. The “Police Calendar” and the GdP member magazine “German Police” still exist today from the first publishing titles.

The publisher publishes various magazines, calendars for police officers and books on police-specific topics. As a subsidiary of the organization and service company of the Police Union (OSG).

Managing directors are (as of the end of 2012) Joachim Kranz and Bodo Andrae.

Loose-leaf collections from the publisher - the so-called police manual (Bavaria edition) - are used, for example, in training the Bavarian police .

Criticism of textbook

In September 2019, the Stern magazine published an article on the book Criminology for Study and Practice published by the VDP (1st edition 2006, 3rd edition 2016). The book is (as of 2019) one of the standard textbooks at universities of applied sciences for prospective commissioners. It makes uncritical references to criminologists and lawyers who played questionable roles during the Nazi era (e.g. Bernhard Niggemeyer ) and gives the impression that " clan research " is still a common method of explaining crime today . “Family investigations” that Friedrich Stumpfl (1902–1997) carried out during the Nazi era are reproduced without criticism. The terms “ work-shy professional criminals” and “criminals due to lack of community discipline” (used by Nazi criminologist Ernst Seelig ) are also used without criticism.

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