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Vince Lussa , full name: Vincent Lussa (born February 22, 1924 in Budapest ; † February 28, 2006 there ) was a Hungarian photographer of international importance.


Lussa was interested in artistic nude photography as early as 1941 - as a 17-year-old high school student . According to him, it was a volume of nudes by André de Dienes that made him enthusiastic about this genre. Photos from this early period have not been preserved. He began university studies, which he soon gave up in favor of photography.

In post-war communist Hungary he had to struggle with considerable difficulties and was temporarily banned from working. He later became President of MAFOSZ , the Hungarian Association of Art Photographers. He represented his country at several international photo exhibitions, including the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels . In Hungary, too, he took part in many exhibitions, such as the National Photo Exhibition in Győr with the portrait “Gyurika”.

In April 1958 the GDR magazine Das Magazin first published a nude photo of Lussa, who subsequently became one of the magazine's most popular photographers. The French magazine Officiel de la photographie et du cinéma published a first comprehensive portrait of the artist in June 1959 . From 1964 to 1983 Lussa published several volumes of nudes in Great Britain and France, and in 1977 in Budapest a volume of plant studies. He had his first own exhibition in 1978 in the Adolf-Fényes-Halle in Budapest. Today Lussa is one of the most important photographers in Hungary. In September 2005 the Széchényi National Library honored him with an extensive personal exhibition.


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