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A People's motion , in the canton of Solothurn people order called, is a political right , which since the 1980s in the constitutions of several cantons the municipalities and Switzerland has found entrance.


A Volksmotion bears the signatures of a certain number of citizens who are entitled to vote and vote in cantonal affairs and requires the canton government to draft a law or take a certain measure. In contrast to the Volksmotion, a parliamentary motion is signed by members of the cantonal parliament . The Volksmotion is practically treated by parliament like a parliamentary motion. In the cantons of Solothurn , Neuchâtel and Schaffhausen 100 signatures are required for a Volksmotion and 300 in the canton of Friborg .


At the municipal level, the city of Lucerne and - since 2014 - the municipalities of the canton of Neuchâtel are familiar with the Volksmotion instrument. In order to submit a Volksmotion, 100 valid signatures from people entitled to vote in the city of Lucerne are required. Since a revision in 2013, the Volksmotion has been introduced around the new population application, which is also possible for resident foreigners aged 18 and over with a signature number of 200, as the Swiss can already do with the Volksmotion. After submission, the Volksmotion will be treated like a parliamentary motion by the City Council of Lucerne. In the Neuchâtel municipalities, a Volksmotion must be signed by at least as many voters as the respective municipal legislative council has members, i.e. between nine and 41 people. - There are also municipalities that have reserved the instrument for groups without proper political rights, for example for young people under the age of 18 or foreigners residing in the municipality.


This participation instrument does not exist at federal level; a request for its introduction was rejected by the Council of States in 2012. However, the procedural handling of petitions in the federal councils comes pretty close to the popular motion.

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