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Walter Dietrich

Walter Dietrich (born January 15, 1944 in Yunnan , Republic of China ) is a German theologian . He is professor emeritus for the Old Testament at the University of Bern .


Dietrich went to school in Amberg and Coburg . He studied Protestant theology in Münster and Göttingen . In 1971 Dietrich received his doctorate in Münster with a thesis on Deuteronomistic History . From 1971 to 1977 he worked as assistant to Rudolf Smend in Göttingen, where he completed his habilitation in 1975 and was then a private lecturer. From 1977 to 1982 he held the parish office in Dassel . In 1982 he became professor for the Old Testament at the University of Oldenburg ; In 1986 he moved to Bern.

Works (selection)

This includes the following volumes:

  • Prophecy and history. An editorial historical investigation into the Deuteronomistic history. Göttingen 1972 (FRLANT 108)
  • Isaiah and politics. Munich 1976 (BEvTh 74)
  • Israel and Canaan. From the struggle between two social systems. Stuttgart 1979 (SBS 94)
  • David, Saul and the Prophets. The relationship between religion and politics according to the prophetic traditions of the earliest kingship in Israel. Stuttgart 1987 (BWANT 122), 2nd edition 1992
  • The Joseph story as a novella and historiography. At the same time a contribution to the Pentateuch question. Neukirchen-Vluyn 1989 (BThSt 14)
  • The Samuel Books [add. with Thomas Naumann], Darmstadt 1995 (EdF 287)
  • The dark side of God. Vol. 1: Arbitrariness and violence [together with Christian Link ], Neukirchen-Vluyn, 5th edition 2009
  • The dark side of God. Vol. 2: Ommacht und Ohnmacht [together with Christian Link], Neukirchen-Vluyn, 3rd edition 2009
  • The early days of the kings in Israel. 10th century BC Chr. Stuttgart 1997 (Biblical Encyclopedia 3); English: "The Early Monarchy in Israel", Atlanta 2007 / Leiden 2007
  • From David to the Deuteronomists. Studies on the historical traditions of the Old Testament, Stuttgart 2002 (BWANT 156)
  • Theopolitics. Studies in theology and ethics of the Old Testament. Neukirchen-Vluyn 2002
  • David - a royal road. Psychoanalytic-theological dialogue on a biblical development novel. [together with Hans-Jürgen Dallmeyer], Göttingen 2002
  • Violence and Overcoming Violence in the Bible. [add. with Moisés Mayordomo], Zurich 2005
  • David. The ruler with the harp. Leipzig 2006 (Biblical Figures 14)
  • Encounters - stresses - movements. Bern cathedral sermons. Basel 2009
  • Recognize, endure and shape ambivalences. A new interdisciplinary perspective for theological and church work. [together with Kurt Lüscher and Christoph Müller], Zurich 2009
  • Samuel. (Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament 8, Volume 1 [1Samuel 1–12]), Neukirchen-Vluyn 2011
  • Samuel books in the Deuteronomic History (BWANT 201), Stuttgart 2012
  • God's interference. Studies on theology and ethics of the Old Testament II , Neukirchen-Vluyn 2013
  • Concise and updated edition of the Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon for the Old Testament [add. with Samuel Arnet], Leiden / Boston 2013
  • Nahum-Habakuk-Zefanja (International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament), Stuttgart 2014
  • The origin of the Old Testament [add. with three other authors], Stuttgart 2014
  • Samuel. (Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament 8, Volume 2 [1Samuel 13–26]), Neukirchen-Vluyn 2015

Dietrich is also editor and co-editor of numerous individual volumes and series. These include, among others

  • Biblical Encyclopedia (12-volume series; together with Wolfgang Stegemann ), Kohlhammer, Stuttgart 1996 ff., ISBN 3-17-012330-0 (Volume 1); 1998, ISBN 3-17-012334-3 (Volume 5, previously).
  • Contributions to the science of the Old and New Testament [together with Reinhard von Bendemann, Marlies Gielen, Ruth Scoralick], Stuttgart 2000ff
  • Religions - claims to truth - conflicts. Theological Perspectives [together with Wolfgang Lienemann], Zurich 2010 (contributions to a theology of religions 10)
  • Sideways glances. Literary and historical studies on minor characters in the second Samuel book , Friborg / Göttingen 2011 (OBO 249)
  • The Books of Samuel. Stories - History - Reception History , Peeters, Leuven 2016
  • The world of the Hebrew Bible , Stuttgart 2017


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Individual evidence

  1. Walter Dietrich (ed.): David and Saul in Contrast: Diachrony and Synchrony in Competition. Contributions to the interpretation of the first Samuel book (= Orbis biblicus et orientalis. Volume 206). Academic Press, Friborg / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen 2004, ISBN 3-525-53064-1 ( limited preview in the Google book search).