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Walter von Saint-Omer also Walter von Falkenberg (French: Gautier de Saint-Omer or Gautier de Fauquembergues , * around 1110, † 1174 ) was a Flemish crusader and Prince of Galilee by marriage . As such, he was also called Walter of Tiberias .


Walter was a son of William II of Saint-Omer , castellan of Saint-Omer . It is unclear whether he or his brother Wilhelm III. of Saint-Omer followed his father as castellan of Saint-Omer.

Walter's paternal grandfather, Wilhelm I of Saint-Omer and his son, Walter's uncle Hugo of Saint-Omer , had participated in the First Crusade . Hugo had stayed in the newly founded Kingdom of Jerusalem and made a career there as Seneschal of Jerusalem and Prince of Galilee . The co-founder of the Knights Templar Gottfried von Saint-Omer was probably also related to Walter.

Walter also made a pilgrimage to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, where he took part in the siege of Ashkelon in 1153 and married Eschiva von Bures , the heir to the Principality of Galilee , at the latest in 1159 . By their right he ruled as Prince of Galilee after the death of his father-in-law.

After his death in 1174, his widow married Count Raimund III. of Tripoli , who ruled the principality out of their rights. In 1187 the Principality of Saladin was conquered. Raimund died that same year. Walter and Eschiva's eldest son Hugo II carried on the title of Prince of Galilee.

Walter and Eschiva had four sons:


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