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Little Weikerlsee
Linz weikerlsee klein.jpg
Kleiner Weikerlsee on an autumn morning
Geographical location Linz - Pichling , Upper Austria
Tributaries Groundwater
Drain Flume to the Großer Weikerlsee or Mitterwasser
Coordinates 48 ° 15 '53 "  N , 14 ° 21' 40"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 15 '53 "  N , 14 ° 21' 40"  E
Weikerlseen (Upper Austria)
Altitude above sea level 245  m above sea level A.
surface approx. 6 hadep1
Maximum depth approx. 3


Recreation area with swimming lake, nudist area

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The Kleine Weikerlsee and the Große Weikerlsee (also just: Weikerlsee ) are an artificially created local recreation area in the south-east of Linz in the urban district of Pichling .


[Great] Weikerlsee
Großer Weikerlsee in January 2012
Geographical location Linz - Ebelsberg , Upper Austria
Tributaries Groundwater, channels from the Kleiner Weikerlsee
Drain Mitterwasser
Coordinates 48 ° 15 ′ 55 "  N , 14 ° 22 ′ 14"  E
Weikerlseen (Upper Austria)
Altitude above sea level 245  m above sea level A.
surface 23.5 hadep1
Maximum depth 6.0 m
Middle deep 3.9 m


Nature and European protected area

The Weikerlseen are located directly southwest of the mouth of the Traun and north of solarCity .

The recreation area includes the bathing lake Kleiner Weikerlsee , the green belt, some parking spaces, toilet facilities, a snack bar and a nudist area on the north bank of the Kleiner Weikerlsee.

There is a connecting channel between the two Weikerl lakes. The Große Weikerlsee drains to the Mitterwasser . To the south of the Großer Weikerlsee there are rain retention basins for the Linz sewage network.

The recreation area is located in a nature reserve (nature and European protection area Traun-Donau-Auen ), whereby the newer parts of the Kleiner Weikerlsee and the retention basin are outside.


In the course of the construction work of the Hermann-Göring-Werke in 1938 and later for the construction of the A1 Westautobahn , gravel mining was not only carried out in the Pichling area - which resulted in Lake Pichling . Gravel was also mined in the Traunau meadows in order to protect the Hermann-Göring-Werke from flooding. The gravel pits created in this way have been used as swimming lakes since the 1950s.

At that time, VOEST was already building a recreation center with a canteen , lido and changing rooms; The bathing joys came to an abrupt end with the floods of 1954 . In the 1960s and 1970s it had become quiet around the Weikerlseen, the Pichlinger See was chosen as a bathing paradise because of the better water quality. In 1994 the city of Linz bought the lakes in order to be able to use them later as a local recreation area for the residents of solarCity Linz.

In 1982 they wanted to fill in the large Weikerlsee with the slag from the VOEST. This plan was dropped after the intervention of the Naturschutzbund. The massive pillars of an unfinished bridge over the Traun still bear witness to this project.

Weikerlsee local recreation area today

The two Weikerl lakes together have a water surface of around 30 hectares, of which the large one has 23.5 ha. At 6 meters, the large Weikerl lake is 3 meters deeper than the small one. Both lakes have only a low water temperature due to the groundwater sources; the bottom is covered with mud.

The Kleine Weikerlsee was enlarged at the beginning of the 21st century. A bridge with a viewing platform leads over it, separating the northern nudist area from the southern textile beach. There is a snack bar with toilet facilities on the south bank.

In the Großer Weikerlsee, bathing is prohibited without exception due to the nature reserve.

Individual evidence

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