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Wilfried Copenhagen (born December 20, 1935 , † January 5, 2000 in Berlin ) was a German officer, journalist and non-fiction author.


Copenhagen joined the barracked people's police on August 12, 1955 and attended the OHS of the LSK / LV in Kamenz from 1955 to 1958 . After the following training as a helmsman lead officer at the Aviation School in Bautzen , the forerunner of the later OHS for military aviators , he was employed in the staff of the 8th Fighter Wing of the NVA . This was followed by employment in the military science subdivision of the LSK / LV command . From 1973 as editor for science and technology of the weekly newspaper Volksarmee , he retired in 1986 with the rank of oneLieutenant Colonels from active military service, but remained editor of the newspaper. Copenhagen also published in various magazines, such as the Armeerundschau and Fliegerrevue , on military-technical topics.

In the 1960s he was the author of the illustrated series for the type collector , in which various types of aircraft and helicopters were presented. As editor he was responsible for the large aircraft type book published by transpress in 1977 , which was also published in the same year as a licensed edition by Motorbuch-Verlag Stuttgart. As early as 1976, a French-language edition was published by the Éditions de la Courtille under the title Encyclopédie des avions . After the political change in the GDR, Copenhagen mainly devoted itself to issues relating to the technology and equipment of the National People's Army, but also to the development of Soviet military technology.

From October 3, 1990 he was a civil employee of the press office of the LSK / LV command, preparatory staff of the 5th Air Force Division in Strausberg . From April 1991 Kdo 5th Air Force Division (Kdo 5th LwDiv).

Copenhagen died at the age of 64.

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