Wilhelm von Faber du Faur

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Faber-du-Faur monument in Wasseralfingen
Tubular coil heater by Faber du Faur in Wasseralfingen (1832)

Achilles Christian Wilhelm von Faber du Faur (* 2. December 1786 in Stuttgart , † 22. March 1855 ) was the head of the German steel mill Wasseralfingen and together with Karl Friedrich von Kerner instrumental in the development of gout gas-powered iron fresh plants, cupolas , Gasschweißöfen and hot blast stoves involved .


Faber du Faur was the son of a cavalry colonel and began studying mathematics and natural sciences at the University of Tübingen in 1806 . When he finished, he moved to Königsbronn and took up a position there in 1810 as the second  hut clerk . In 1811 he became the Hüttenamtsverweser in Wasseralfingen and in 1813 the Hüttenamt administrator.

Health reasons forced Faber du Faur to give up his post in 1843 and to accept an appointment as a mountain ridge of the Bergamtskollegium in Stuttgart . He retired in 1850 at the age of 64.


Faber du Faur carried out numerous tests at the Wasseralfingen ironworks to improve and further develop the wind systems of blast furnaces and finally developed a heater that was stable up to a temperature of 540 ° C, which was very important as the “Wasseralfinger heater” until the “Cowper heater” was invented attained.

Like its predecessor models, the "Wasseralfinger Winderhitzer" also consisted of horizontally running, coiled pipes. However, these were made of cast iron . Despite major heat losses - the exhaust gases left the heater at a temperature of 676 to 875 ° C, but could only bring the line wind to a temperature of 370 ° C to finally 540 ° C - and wind losses caused by leaks in the pipe connections and sleeves, The "Wasseralfinger Winderheater" were more economical than the previous designs by Neilson and Hausen and were not only used for blast furnace operation, but also for cupolas and other metallurgical furnaces.


Faber-du-Faur-Strasse in Aalen
  • A street in Aalen was named after Wilhelm von Faber du Faur.
  • In 1834 Wilhelm von Faber du Faur was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Württemberg Crown , which was associated with the personal title of nobility.


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