Wilkniss Mountains

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Wilkniss Mountains
Highest peak Pivot Peak ( 2470  m )
location Victoria Land , East Antarctica
part of Quartermain Mountains in the Transantarctic Mountains
Wilkniss Mountains (Antarctica)
Wilkniss Mountains
Coordinates 78 ° 1 ′  S , 161 ° 7 ′  E Coordinates: 78 ° 1 ′  S , 161 ° 7 ′  E

The Wilkniss Mountains are 16 km long and in the Pivot Peak up to 2470  m high mountain range consisting of conical peaks and mountains in the East Antarctic Victoria Land . It extends north-south 14 km east-southeast of Mount Feather in the Quartermain Mountains . In the northern part, in which Mount Blackwelder and Pivot Peak rise above ice-free valleys, the mountain range has a width of 5 km. Apart from a remote mountain in the southwest, it narrows to the south to a series of smaller, mostly icy peaks.

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named the mountains in 1992 after the American chemist Peter E. Wilkniss (1934-2005), who from 1975 worked in various functions for the polar program of the National Science Foundation .

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Map sheet Mount Harmsworth from 1988 (first edition 1963): Central and southern part of the Wilkniss Mountains with Pivot Peak in the northeast corner; for the northern part with Mount Blackwelder see Quartermain Mountains .