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William Emerson Bull also William E. Bull (born October 4, 1909 in Sun Prairie ( Wisconsin ), † October 26, 1972 in Los Angeles ) was an American Hispanist .

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In 1936 he acquired the academic degree from the University of Wisconsin a BA and in 1940 the MA by a doctoral thesis in literature . In Wisconsin he worked with Dwight Le Merton Bolinger (1907-1992) a Romanist and Hispanicist. This was followed by teaching activities in Iowa at the University of Iowa and in St. Louis ( Missouri ) at Washington University . Then in 1949 he received a call for research and teaching at the University of California at Los Angeles , most recently as Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Teaching Methodology . He was responsible for the areas of Spanish language, methodology and didactics . In 1958 he is listed as an " Associate Professor of Spanish". Bull introduced concepts from mathematics and physics to speech analysis.

He was married to Helen May Bull and had three sons Jan Emerson Bull, Guy William Bull and Kay Sather Bull.


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