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Wim Delvoye 2015 in Charleroi

Wim Delvoye (* 1965 in Wervik ) is a Belgian conceptual artist. His focus is on the representation of aesthetic opposites, in which he, characterized by irony, wit and humor, often combines decorative elements with everyday functions and thus questions the common value systems of consumer society.


Le meringue , 2000
Cement Truc , 2010 (Brussels, Quai au Foin)

Wim Delvoye
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In one of his most famous works, Cloaca , a machine that simulates the human digestive process, after several years of research and with the help of scientists, he succeeded in recreating one of the internal functions of the human body and producing excrement that cannot be visually distinguished from human excrement . These are then, shrink-wrapped in foil and packed in a transparent cuboid, sold as works of art. The film bears the lettering "Cloaca".

Another focus of his work is tattoos on pigs and people. The work TIM , a back tattoo of the Swiss Tim Steiner with a skull and Madonna, was sold in 2008 to the German art collector Rik Reinking for 150,000 euros. Tim Steiner has committed himself to present the work of art for three to four weeks annually for this sum. After his death, the skin is given to the buyer or his heir.

As part of the art show Art Safari on Arte , the director Ben Lewis had himself tattooed. The motif, which one of the pigs tattooed by Wim Delvoye also bears, shows a crucified Mickey Mouse . Delvoye's signature mimics the Disney lettering.

In his steel sculptures he uses filigree Gothic structures for objects such as concrete mixers and rockets .

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