Wisconsin Plateau

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Wisconsin Plateau
location Marie Byrd Land , West Antarctica
part of Wisconsin Range in the Horlick Mountains of the Transantarctic Mountains
Wisconsin Plateau (Antarctica)
Wisconsin Plateau
Coordinates 85 ° 48 ′  S , 125 ° 24 ′  W Coordinates: 85 ° 48 ′  S , 125 ° 24 ′  W

The Wisconsin Plateau is a large, ice-covered high plateau which, at an altitude of over 2,800  m, includes the higher sections of the Wisconsin Range in the Horlick Mountains . In the east and south-east it falls over small steps made of ice to the level of the central polar plateau , in the north and west it is limited by steep cliffs of up to 1000  m .

The area was mapped by the United States Geological Survey and aerial photographs of the United States Navy from 1960 to 1964. The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named it in 1967 in connection with the Wisconsin Range after the University of Wisconsin – Madison , which numerous Sent researchers to Antarctica .

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