Wolfgang Müller (soccer coach)

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Wolfgang Müller (born August 3, 1935 in Wildenow / Neumark ; † February 25, 2013 in Wermsdorf ) was a soccer player and soccer coach in the GDR . In the top division of the GDR, the Oberliga , he trained chemistry Bohlen and chemistry Leipzig .

As a football player, Müller did not get beyond lower-class teams. He started at BSG Progress in Hirschberg, Thuringia, and from there, at the age of 20, moved to BSG Progress Weida in 1956 . In Weida he played a year in the fourth-class district league Gera . From 1957 Müller was a player at BSG Stahl Riesa for eleven years .

After finishing his career as a soccer player, Wolfgang Müller started out as a junior coach at Stahl Riesa. In the 1972/73 season he took over the training of the first men's team, which he led to promotion to the league within a year. From 1973 to 1975 Müller was a junior trainer at BSG Chemie Leipzig. At the beginning of the 1975/76 season he was coach of the first team at BSG Chemie Böhlen. With her he started in the second-rate GDR league and, two years later, made it to the top division with her in 1977. In the year of promotion, Müller managed to keep the class with the Böhlen team, but after the 1978/79 season, Chemie Böhlen had to relegate back to the GDR league and Müller had to leave the BSG.

Müller switched to direct league competitor BSG Stahl Thale . He looked after the newly promoted team over three seasons and always ensured the team a midfield position. At the beginning of the 1982/83 season, Müller returned to Chemie Leipzig after eight years and now took over the first team that had been relegated from the league two years ago. Müller managed to return the team to the league within a year. When Chemie Leipzig did not find its way out of the relegation zone in November 1983, Müller was replaced by Gerd Struppert . During the 1986/87 season he again took over as a trainer at Chemie Leipzig for a few months. In the 1989/90 season, Chemie Leipzig tried again with Wolfgang Müller as coach. After disagreements with the players, he was released for the third time in late 1989.


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