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Logo from Wprost
description Polish political magazine
First edition 5th December 1982
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 15,500 copies
Editor-in-chief Jacek Pochłopień
editor Platforma Mediowa Point Group SA
Web link wprost.pl (Polish / English)
ISSN (print)
Cover of the last edition of the newspaper weekly

Wprost ("Direct") is a weekly, non-partisan news magazine in Poland .

The magazine was published on December 5, 1982, initially in the Polish Voivodeship of Greater Poland . It has been published nationwide since 1989. The editorial office was initially in Poznan , but in 2000 it was relocated to Warsaw . With a sold circulation of around 15,500 copies (print run 70,000), Wprost is now one of the smaller news magazines in Poland. Articles in the magazine deal primarily with national and international politics, economics, history and culture. The magazine is published by the listed media company Platforma Mediowa Point Group , and Jacek Pochłopień has been the editor-in-chief since 2016 .

Outside Poland, the magazine became known for its polemic cover pictures. The cover of Wprost showed Erika Steinbach as a dominatrix in SS uniform on Gerhard Schröder's back . Schröder and Vladimir Putin were also caricatured with gas pipes instead of hands. In June 2007 Angela Merkel was portrayed as “Europe's stepmother” in a photo montage with exposed, authentic-looking breasts on which the twins Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński suckle. In January 2016, the magazine mounted the heads of Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker , Martin Schulz , Günther Oettinger and Guy Verhofstadt under the words They want to control Poland again on its cover picture in a photo showing Adolf Hitler surrounded by Wehrmacht generals .

In 2012, Wprost disseminated a Russian military man's version that US Americans had sunk the Kursk . In June 2014, the magazine sparked a bugging affair and, as a result, a government crisis by publishing tapped conversations between Interior Minister Bartlomej Sienkiewicz and the head of the central bank, Marek Belka . Sienkiewicz is said to have influenced Belka to favor the ruling party. In connection with the investigation by the public prosecutor, the editorial rooms were searched, which was criticized as an impairment of the freedom of the press. The magazine refused to release documents and digital storage media.


  1. Janusz Przybysz (1982-1983)
  2. Waldemar Kosiński (1983-1989)
  3. Marek Król (1989-2006)
  4. Piotr Gabryel (2006-2007)
  5. Stanisław Janecki (2007-2010)
  6. Tomasz Lis (2010–2012)
  7. Michał Kobosko (2012-2013)
  8. Sylwester Latkowski (2013-2015)
  9. Tomasz Wróblewski (2015-2016)
  10. Jacek Pochłopień (2016-2018)
  11. Marcin Dzierżanowski (2018-2020)

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