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Basic data

developer xdot GmbH
Current  version 2.9.0
(March 30, 2010)
operating system Windows , Linux , OS X , PortableApps
category Desktop search , enterprise search
License Proprietary
German speaking Yes

The xfriend software is one of the first (August 2004), browser-based desktop search engines that greatly simplify the search for local files , e-mails, etc. and also on the Internet. Since version 2.8, xfriend includes automatic text recognition (OCR), which enables the indexing of scanned documents in TIFF and PDF formats. For a search, the user enters the desired terms in a normal browser window. Different search methods and operators are available for refined research. The "Did you mean" function also automatically suggests alternative search terms - similar to Google. A hit list is then displayed to the user. This contains various additional functions such as B. a preview, an export function or the possibility to open the file directly. It is also possible to create so-called hitmarkx , with which individual search results can be stored in a shopping cart, which can later be saved completely as a zip file or sent as an email. Hit Lists, Web favorites and alerts can also as RSS - web feed to subscribe to. The user is then immediately notified when new information is found for a keyword.

xfriend is a paid software. For private users, the personal edition costs 19.95 euros. The software can be tested for 30 days.

The manufacturer is now increasingly concentrating on enterprise search search engines for corporate customers with the following product variants:

  • xdot search (formerly xfriend enterpriseServer)
  • xdot search server (formerly xfriend businessServer)
  • xdot search Client (formerly xfriend businessClient)

In addition, there are specifically developed OEM solutions based on xdot search for mobile access and knowledge portals.

Data protection and security

The manufacturer states that particular attention is paid to the subject of data protection . In particular, the software does not pass on any data to the Internet and thus to third parties.

When used as a corporate solution in the server variant, there is either the option of creating user rights in the xfriend server yourself, or of using existing ADS / NTFS guidelines.

In addition, an SSL - encryption already integrated to a readout of the data in the file sharing with other xfriend-users, so-called "external Friends" to prevent.. This would theoretically make it possible to set up your own, locked P2P network with friends.

Supported data sources

Since version 2.8 xfriend supports a total of over 300 file formats and archives.


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Web links


  • Martin White: Making Search Work: Implementing Web, Intranet and Enterprise Search . ISBN 1-57387-305-5
  • Juergen Lange: Flood of data - curse or blessing? How to find information easily and securely with Enterprise Search. A strategic tool for companies . ISBN 978-3-89981-196-4

Individual evidence

  1. Supported file formats (PDF; 25 kB) on the xfriend website