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An image file is a file that stores a digital image . The content of the file was either calculated digitally (see calculated image ) or digitized by analog-to-digital conversion and can therefore neither be recognized as an image nor read as text by the human viewer (see text file ).

A device is required for visualization that converts the content back into analog data (so-called digital-to-analog conversion ); One such device is the computer , which can visualize the image on the monitor with the help of image viewing software .

A basic distinction is made between raster graphics , which are composed of picture elements ( pixels ), and vector graphics , which are described with graphic primitives . In addition, various graphic formats are used to save the image files, for example JPEG , GIF , PNG , TIF or the raw data format (RAW format) for raster graphics or WMF , EPS , CDR or SVG for vector graphics. Image files from a digital camera are always raster graphics.

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