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Northwest China (Xibei)

Xibei ( Chinese  西北 , Pinyin Xīběi , short for: 西北 地區  /  西北 地区 , Xīběi Dìqū  - "Northwest China Area") is the Chinese name for the greater Northwest China or the Northwest China Region .

It comprises the following administrative units at the provincial level:

  1. Xinjiang ( 新疆 , Xīnjiāng )
  2. Gansu ( 甘肃 , Gānsù )
  3. Ningxia ( 宁夏 , Níngxià )
  4. Shaanxi ( 陕西 , Shǎnxī )
  5. Qinghai ( 青海 , Qīnghǎi )

These provinces and autonomous regions are all west of the Hēihé-Téngchōng line and are for the most part characterized by a large area and low population density. Some of them are inhabited by national minorities, with the Han Chinese in the majority in the big cities .

All of these areas are located far from the sea and some have a very pronounced continental climate with little rainfall.

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