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Yanggao ( 阳 高 县 , Yánggāo Xiàn ) is a Chinese district in the prefecture -level city of Datong in Shanxi Province . It has an area of ​​1,678 km² and has a population of around 290,000.

The paleolithic Xujiayao site and Houjiayao site (Xujiayao-Houjiayao yizhi 许 家窑 - 侯 家窑 遗址), the cemetery of the Gucheng Fortress (Gucheng bao muqun 古 城堡 墓群) from the time of the Han Dynasty and the Yunlin- Temples (Yunlin si 云 林寺) are on the list of monuments of the People's Republic of China .

Administrative structure

At the community level, the district is made up of seven large communities and six communities.

Coordinates: 40 ° 22 '  N , 113 ° 45'  E