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Monument in Puerto Williams with the bow of the Yelcho

Yelcho is the name of two vehicles in the Chilean Navy.

Yelcho (1906)

Yelcho is the name of the guard boat of the Chilean Navy with which Ernest Henry Shackleton rescued the crew of the Endurance from Elephant Island on August 30, 1916 . The captain of the 36.5 meter long steamship was Luis Pardo . The bow of the Yelcho is now part of a memorial commemorating the rescue of the 22 members of Shackleton's Antarctic expedition. The monument is in Puerto Williams , the southernmost settlement in Chile, on the island of Navarino south of the Beagle Channel . The ship is named after Cape Yelcho on Elephant Island.

The Yelcho was built in 1906 by the Scottish shipyard G. Brown and Co. in Greenock . Its water displacement was 467 tons and the top speed was 10  knots (about 19 km / h). In 1945 she was decommissioned by the Chilean Navy. However, it was only scrapped in 1962 - with the exception of the bug.

Yelcho (1943)

The Yelcho is a survey ship of the Chilean Navy. The ship was built in 1942 for the United States Navy and commissioned by them in 1943 under the name Tekesta . The ship was later taken over by the Chilean Navy as Yelcho and listed in the fleet list as Corvette / Escampavia. Between 1960 and 1994 the ship was involved in numerous Chilean expeditions to the Antarctic .

Tactical-technical data

  • Type US ATF
  • Launched in 1943 at Iron Works
  • Displacement: 1235 ts
  • Length: 62.50 m
  • Width: 11.70 m
  • Draft: 4.70 m
  • Drive: Diesel engine with 2210 HP / 1648 kW on one screw
  • Speed: 15 knots / approx. 28 km / h
  • Armament: 1 gun caliber 7.6 cm
  • Crew: 85 men

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