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Journal of Sociology (ZfS)

description Journal of Sociology
Area of ​​Expertise sociology
language German English
publishing company de Gruyter (Germany)
First edition 1972
Frequency of publication 6 times a year
Editor-in-chief Rainer Schützeichel
editor Claudia Diehl , Kai-Olaf Maiwald , Gunnar Otte, Rainer Schützeichel, Theresa Wobbe
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The Bielefelder Zeitschrift für Soziologie ( ZfS ) is a leading German specialist journal in the field of sociology .

ZfS past and present

The foundation of the Zeitschrift für Soziologie in 1971 goes back to the concept of the Reform University of Bielefeld , particularly suggested by Helmut Schelsky . Your first editor was Rolf Klima . It has been published every two months since 1985 (previously every three months) and generally publishes four research articles per issue, but occasionally also shorter research notes and sociological essays.

The ZfS is headed by a five-person editorial board. Editors each serve for a period of four years.

In 2012, the journal for sociology had an impact factor of 0.604. In the statistics of the Social Science Citation Index , the journal was ranked 90th out of 139 journals in the "Sociology" category and was better placed than the Cologne Journal for Sociology and Social Psychology , the Berlin Journal for Sociology and the Social World .

Since the end of 2009, ZfS articles have also been available online in full text on the Internet site . All articles that were published at least two years ago are freely accessible. The full texts of the newer issues are available to ZfS subscribers. Of the current issues, one article per issue is also freely accessible from the day of publication.

Peer review

Articles that are published in the ZfS go through an elaborate anonymous peer review process. The editorial board meets three times a year to discuss the received manuscripts and to make publication decisions. In the course of this process, both the five editors and, as a rule, two additional external expert reviewers evaluate the received manuscripts in writing before decisions on the acceptance or rejection of texts are made in an oral discussion among the editors. After completion of the review process, all authors receive a detailed statement on their manuscripts, regardless of the outcome of the process. This statement contains excerpts from the editor's opinion and the text of the expert reports.


ZfS-FORUM, which appeared from 2009 to 2011, was an independent and freely accessible series of publications by the Zeitschrift für Soziologie. ZfS-FORUM was dedicated to the discussion of current sociological research approaches and research results. It offered sociologists the opportunity to enter into a public scientific dialogue about research articles published in the Zeitschrift für Soziologie and beyond.


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