Journal of Old Testament scholarship

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Journal of Old Testament scholarship

description Theological journal
Area of ​​Expertise Old Testament / Hebrew Bible / Tnach
language German English French
publishing company de Gruyter (Germany)
First edition 1881
Frequency of publication 4 times a year
Sold edition 2500 copies
editor Jürgen van Oorschot , Jan Christian Gertz
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The Journal for Old Testament Studies (ZAW) is a specialist theological journal and was founded in 1881 by Bernhard Stade . She deals with theological, linguistic and historical problems of the Old Testament of the Bible .


The journal is a scientific, since its founding historical-critical traversed exegesis committed. It was first published by Verlag Töpelmann , Berlin, then by Verlag Ricker , Gießen, and now by Verlag Walter de Gruyter , Berlin / New York as a print version ( ISSN  0044-2526 ) and Internet version ( ISSN  1613-0103 ).

The originally Protestant- oriented magazine has long understood itself as non-denominational and publishes scientific articles by Protestant, Catholic and Jewish researchers or by ancient orientalists on the Old Testament in German, English or French. The magazine appears annually in four issues. The editors are currently (January 2015) Jürgen van Oorschot and Jan Christian Gertz . Earlier editors included Bernhard Stade , Karl Marti , Hugo Greßmann , Johannes Hempel , Georg Fohrer , Otto Kaiser , Hans-Christoph Schmitt and Ernst-Joachim Waschke . In addition to articles, there is an overview of recent books and magazines.

Its sister publication is the somewhat more recent journal for New Testament science .


The supplements to the Journal for Old Testament Science (BZAW, ISSN 0934-2575 ), edited by John Barton , Reinhard Gregor Kratz , Nathan MacDonald, Sara Milstein and Markus Witte , have been published as a series of monographs since 1896 .  


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