Journal for the entire field of criminal law

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Journal for the entire field of criminal law

description German science magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Criminal law
publishing company Walter de Gruyter publisher
First edition 1881
Frequency of publication four times a year
ISSN (print)

The journal for the entire criminal law science (abbreviated: ZStW ) is a legal journal in which articles on criminal law dogmatics , criminal procedure law , criminal policy , criminology , criminal law history and legal philosophy are published.

The editors are Manfred Burgstaller , Albin Eser , Helmut Fuchs , Tatjana Hörnle , Günther Jakobs , Kristian Kühl , Heinz Müller-Dietz , Ulfrid Neumann , Claus Roxin , Bernd Schünemann , Ulrich Sieber , Klaus Tiedemann and Thomas Weigend . The successor as editor of the fatally injured Joachim Vogel has Jörg Eisele taken.

The magazine was founded in 1881 and is published four times a year by Walter de Gruyter with an edition of 900 copies.

Digital copies are available from older years and are freely accessible on the Internet.

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