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Bernd Schünemann (born November 1, 1944 in Broistedt ) is a German legal scholar and legal philosopher .

life and work

After graduating from high school in Braunschweig in 1963, Schünemann began studying law in Göttingen, Berlin and Hamburg, which he completed in 1967 with the first state examination in law.

In 1971 he did his doctorate under Claus Roxin and in the same year passed the second state examination in law. Schünemann then worked as a research assistant at his doctoral supervisor's chair, first in Göttingen, then in Munich, where he completed his habilitation in 1975 in the subjects of criminal law , criminal procedural law and legal philosophy .

In the winter semester of the same year he became scientific advisor and professor at the University of Bonn. This was followed by positions in Mannheim and Freiburg before he moved to the LMU Munich as holder of the chair for criminal law, criminal procedural law, legal sociology and legal philosophy in the winter semester 1989/90 , where he is director of the institute for the entire criminal law studies, legal philosophy and legal informatics .

Schünemann was u. a. active as a reviewer for the German Lawyers' Association and the German Bundestag . In addition, he can look back on extensive lectures and advice on legislation in European, East Asian and Latin American countries, for which six universities have awarded him honorary doctorates to date .

Focus of scientific work Schünemann range of agreements in criminal proceedings , which he sharply criticized the Europeanisation of criminal justice and economic crime , in particular the infidelity , even though he, for in addition to a comprehensive criminal dogmatic and criminal political work of more than 30 monographs (. T. as editor) and numerous articles in German and international journals.

Schünemann is Stefan Mappus's lawyer and represented him in 2014 before an investigative committee of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament .

In the 1990s, Schünemann was briefly involved in the STATT party , but was replaced as its federal chairman after a short term.

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