Zhang Zhidong

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Zhang Zhidong

Zhang Zhidong ( Chinese  張之洞  /  张之洞 , Pinyin Zhāng Zhīdong , W.-G. Chang Chih-tung ; * 1837 ; † 1909 ) was an important reformer of the Qing dynasty , a civil servant writer, regional governor and founder of the Formula “Chinese learning for the substantial, Western learning for the useful” ( 中學 為 體 西學 為 用  /  中学 为 体 西学 为 用 , zhōngxué wèi tǐ, xīxué wèi yòng ). This philosophical formula was used during the self-strengthening era and also during the Hundred-Day Reform of 1898.

Political activity

Zhang acted as the governor general of Hunan and Hubei . In his sphere of influence, he promoted the adoption of western technology and organizational models in business and the military. His protection led to the fact that the city of three Wuhan blossomed into the second industrial center of the empire after Shanghai . In addition to the Beiyang Army , he also set up a provincial army in Hubei based on modern premises. This was organized according to the German model and used imported or Chinese-made modern weapons. This force also comprised its own fleet with dozens of gunboats and a few torpedo boats . The actions of this army finally led to the Xinhai Revolution in the Wuchang uprising , in which the Qing Empire was replaced by the Republic of China .


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