Bicorn (hat)

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Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz with a bicorn

A two-pointed hat (also two-masted , storm hat or Napoleon hat ) is a hat in which the brim is set up so that two points are formed. It was worn with one point to the front and one to the back ( Wellington hat ), as well as across ( Napoleon hat ). Cross member: Napoleon Bonaparte or to this day by the riders of the Spanish Riding School . It is also possible to wear it at an angle.

This hat shape was probably created around 1790 as a military headgear for officers. It replaced the tricorn mainly used in the 18th century .

From the 1790s to the first half of the 19th century, the bicorn also appeared as a festive student headgear ( student hat ). From around 1810 until the middle of the 19th century it was only occasionally used as a festive decoration for the chairpersons (see senior ) of student associations ( chapeau d'honneur ).

Today this headgear is rarely worn, among others by:


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