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OA is an abbreviation for:

  • Afghanistan , according to the ICAO code
  • Oberamt (Württemberg) , was the traditional name of a Württemberg administrative unit and lasted until 1934, when, after the Nazi takeover of power, the Oberamts were renamed with the Württemberg district order
  • Upper arm , part of the arm and forms the section of the upper limb that is close to the body
  • Senior physician , a doctor in a leading position, usually in a clinic or in a medical care center
  • Senior auditor , division of the Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport
  • Official Aid for Countries and Territories in Transition , see Development Cooperation
  • Officer candidates , a candidate for officer rank in the military, officer candidates have different status depending on the state
  • Olympic Airlines , a former Greek national airline, based in Athens according to the IATA code
  • Open Access , free access to academic literature and other materials on the Internet
  • OpenArena , a free clone of Quake III Arena
  • operational amplifier , operational amplifier , an electronic amplifier which has an inverting and a noninverting input and comprises usually a very high voltage gain
  • Optical axis (optics)
  • Opus Angelorum , see Engelwerk
  • Organizational constellation , uses the spatial visualization of (internal) relationships between personal system units
  • Original edition , any title that appears on the domestic or foreign book market for the first time
  • Osteoarthritis , an arthrosis
  • Overeaters Anonymous , an international self-help group for people with eating disorders, whose program is based on the God-related Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • o verlap a dd, see segmented convolution , a method for fast convolution, is used in digital signal processing

OA as a distinguishing mark on license plates:

OA as a distinguishing mark on license plates:

  • Belgium: classic cars

Oa stands for:

o. A. (with spaces) is an abbreviation for:

o. a. (with spaces) is an abbreviation for:

  • listed above

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