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Palais Eschenbach, seat of the trade association

The Austrian Trade Association (ÖGV) was founded in 1839 as the Lower Austrian Trade Association and is a non-partisan association for entrepreneurs with voluntary membership.


The ÖGV was founded in 1839 with the name Niederösterreichischer Gewerbeverein , because under Metternich associations were banned whose activities extended to the entire national territory .

The beginning and heyday
Former seat of the Technological Trade Museum on Währinger Straße

As an elite business interest group, the trade association was and is the focal point of numerous initiatives:

Significant influence by Wilhelm Exner

The ÖGV has awarded the Wilhelm Exner Medal every year since 1921 :

“The award should be made to personalities who have directly or indirectly promoted the economy in an outstanding manner through special scientific achievements. In particular, those achievements are to be honored that are important in the area of ​​entrepreneurial medium-sized companies. "


After the Anschluss , the trade association was dissolved and several employees and officials were deported on the VIP train .

After World War II

The reactivation of the devastated Palais Eschenbach began as early as 1946.

In January 1947 the association was re-established.


Today the Austrian Trade Association is divided into branch and professional associations.

The Austrian Trade Association has had its headquarters in Palais Eschenbach ( Vienna ) since the 1860s .

The major compulsory representations in Austria are on the

Voluntary representation of interests also take on:


The focus of the tasks of the Austrian Trade Association is the representation of the concerns of the members in the formation of public opinion . This is achieved through advocacy , lobbying and press work for the entrepreneurs . Members of the trade association come from industry , trade , commerce and the liberal professions .



All organ functions can only be exercised by association members. The organs of the Austrian Trade Association include:

  • General Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Bureau
  • Electoral Commission
  • Auditor
  • Secretary General
  • Arbitration board


Membership in the Austrian Trade Association is ordinary, extraordinary, promotional or corresponding. In addition, there is the possibility of youth and student membership as well as honorary membership.


The Austrian trade association is financed through the contributions of the members, the association newspaper and the leasing of the Palais Eschenbach .

Wilhelm Exner Medal


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