2. Paul's letter to Timothy

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The 2nd epistle of Paul to Timothy , also called 2nd Timothy for short , is a book of the New Testament of the Christian Bible . It has been divided into four chapters since the Middle Ages .

The authorship of Paul is often disputed today, see pastoral letters .


Chapter 1

Prescript , admonitions. Mention is made of the beliefs of the ancestors, mother and grandmother ( 2 Tim 1,3-5  EU ), which does not fit in with the beginnings of the Christian communities and indicates a later constitutional period.

Chapter 2

Encouragement in struggle and suffering, warning against quarrels and false teachings.

Chapter 3

Explanations about the end times, admonition to follow the teaching of Paul. This contains explanations about the Scriptures, which already presuppose a form of canonization and a collection of Paul's letters. ( 2 Tim 3 : 14–16  EU )

Chapter 4

Continuation of Paul's teaching, references to Paul's imminent death, formulated as if it has already happened ( 2 Tim 4 : 6–7  EU ), warning about certain people and references to 15 employees of Paul ( 2 Tim 4.9-21  EU ).

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