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Two pages from the Bodmer VIII papyrus. This papyrus is the oldest surviving source for the 2nd Epistle of Peter.

The second letter of the apostle Peter belongs to the New Testament of the Christian Bible .

The author wants to strengthen Christians in the faith, warns them against false teachers and emphatically defends the expectation of the return of Christ.


In historical-critical theology it is practically unanimously assumed that the Symeon Peter , servant and apostle of Christ, named as the author in verse 1.1 , is not the author. The main reasons for this are great stylistic differences to the first letter of Peter , which some church fathers , such as B. Eusebius of Caesarea , and later John Calvin discussed an assumed dependency on the content of Jude's letter as well as the delayed inclusion of the letter in the canon (see also below “Important passages”).

Conservative authors counter this by saying that stylistic differences with so little comparative material and different topics do not necessarily mean that the author is different, that the letter of Jude can just as well be dependent on the letter of Peter and that it was included in the canon precisely because the early church the majority was based on apostolic authorship - in contrast to many other writings also named after Peter such as the Gospel of Peter , the Acts of Peter or the Apocalypse of Peter , whose inclusion in the canon was never an option.


According to 2 Petr 1.12–15  EU and 2 Petr 3.1  EU , the letter is addressed to the same recipients as the first Peter letter, ie to Christians in different areas of Asia Minor. According to 2 Petr 1,1  EU , the letter is addressed to all believers , i.e. to Jewish and Gentile Christians.


The letter represents, among other things, an answer to the problem of the failure to return Christ. For this reason it is also regarded as one of the latest writings of the New Testament and is often dated to the beginning of the 2nd century.

Assuming “authenticity” (ie from Simon Petrus as author), the letter is usually dated shortly before Peter's death (1.14), probably before the year 64; if the letter is understood as an answer to the questions raised by Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians , it is even dated to around the year 51. However, these positions are rejected by almost all theologians and historians, with reference to them, among other things that the letter assumes that everyone who had known Jesus personally is already dead (3, 4), which would not have been the case in the 1960s, i.e. only about 30 years after Jesus' death.


  • Author, recipient, greetings 1, 1–2
  • Growth of the elect 1, 3-21
  • Dangers and false teachers 2: 1–22
  • The Second Coming of Christ 3: 1–14
  • Closing admonitions 3.15–18

Important places

  • 1.5–7 stages of spiritual growth: Faith - virtue - knowledge - self-control - perseverance - piety - brotherhood - love
  • 1.16–19 recourse to the story of the “ transfiguration of Jesus on a mountain ” (cf. Matthew 17: 5).
  • 1.19–21 Biblical Hermeneutics and Scripture Inspiration
  • 3.15 The author has a collection of Paul's letters (although it is not stated which letters they contain), which are equated with the other scriptures.

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