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The New Geneva Translation ( NGÜ ) is a German-language edition of the New Testament , the Psalms and Proverbs . It translates the basic text in the sense of a communicative Bible translation , i.e. In other words, she says she uses natural and contemporary language.

The NGÜ is based on the principle of functionally equivalent translation, as developed mainly by the linguist Eugene Albert Nida . The top priority of the translators was the accuracy of the content, with numerous footnotes specifying a literal translation or indicating possible interpretations.


The New Testament of the New Geneva Translation is supervised and published by the Geneva Bible Society , the Old Testament is to be published by the German Bible Society . After individual parts of the New Testament had been published again and again from 1988 onwards, the New Testament books that had been translated up to then were published for the first time in 2000 as a volume with the name NGÜ 2000 . In 2003 an expanded volume was published, named NGÜ 2003 according to the year of publication , which was additionally expanded to include footnotes (see sample reading below). The full translation of the New Testament appeared for the first time in October 2009.

In 2011 an edition of the NGÜ appeared, which in addition to the NT also contains the Psalms.

In 2012 the four Gospels underwent a gentle linguistic revision as they had been translated almost thirty years ago.

In 2015 an edition of the New Testament was published with the Psalms and the Book of Proverbs.

Year of publication of the individual books

As of October 2019 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2019
genesis                               x
Exodus                               x
claims                             x  
Gospel of Matthew x                               
Gospel of Mark x                               
Gospel of Luke x                              
Gospel of John x                              
Acts of the Apostles x                              
Romans x                              
1st Corinthians       x                        
2nd Corinthians                 x              
Galatians               x                
Ephesians           x                    
Philippians       x                        
Colossians           x                    
1. Thessalonians x                              
2. Thessalonians                 x              
1 Timothy x                              
2. Timothy x                              
Titus                 x              
Philemon           x                    
Hebrews x                              
James                   x            
1. Peter                   x            
2. Peter                   x            
1. John x                              
2. John x                              
3. John x                              
Judas                   x            
epiphany x                              
  2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2019

Reading sample

Matthew 18: 23-24:

[...] The kingdom of heaven is like a king who with the officers, who managed his property, [a] wanted to settle. Right at the beginning someone brought before him one who owed him ten thousand talents [b] .
[a] literally with his servants.
[b] A million dollar amount. In order to earn a talent (one monetary unit; about 6000 denarii), a day laborer would have had to work 20 years (with a daily wage of one denarius, see Chapter 20.2).

Book editions

  • Andreas Symank (Hrsg.): New Geneva translation (NGÜ) . New Testament. 1st edition. Geneva Bible Society, Geneva 2009, ISBN 978-3-438-01307-1 ( ).
  • The Bible. New Geneva translation . New Testament and Psalms. 1st edition. German Bible Society, Stuttgart 2011, ISBN 978-3-438-02761-0 ( - CD-Rom edition for Windows).

Individual evidence

  1. See especially EA Nida: Toward a Science of Translating: With Special Reference to Principles and Procedures Involved in Bible Translating , Leiden 1964; and (together with Charles R. Taber): The Theory and Practice of Translation , Leiden 1969 (German: Theory and Practice of Translation with Special Consideration of the Bible Translation , London 1969)
  2. Geneva Bible Society: Bible Info. Fall 2012. 70th year. No. 3. Geneva, 2012, p. 6.

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