47 meters down

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German title 47 meters down
Original title 47 Meters Down (1st & 3rd Track)
In the Deep (2nd Track)
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Publishing year 2016
length 97 minutes
Director Johannes Roberts
script Johannes Roberts,
Ernest Riera
production James Harris ,
Mark Lane
music Tomandandy
camera Mark Silk
cut Martin Brinkler

47 Meters Down , or In the Deep , is a British animal horror film from 2016 . The film is about the siblings Lisa and Kate, who are trapped in a diving cage on the ocean floor, at a depth of 47 meters.


Claire Holt at PaleyFest 2014.jpg
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The actresses who starred Kate and Lisa, Claire Holt (left) and Mandy Moore (right)

Lisa is on vacation in Mexico with her sister Kate. After a nice evening at the pool, Kate finds out that Lisa has been abandoned by her boyfriend. They decide to party extensively as a distraction and spend a night of partying where they meet Louis and Benjamin. They are persuaded by them to take a boat trip with a dive in a diving cage to observe great white sharks , which they set off the next morning. The boat belongs to Captain Taylor, who is accompanied by Javier and the six of them start to the dive site, where Javier lures sharks with a bucket of blood and fish scraps. A short time later the first great white shark appears and Louis and Benjamin undertake the first dive in the diving cage. Lisa, who has never dived before, gets nervous, but then lets herself be persuaded to go into the cage with her sister on the second dive. You will be lowered to a depth of five meters and there you can watch the fish swimming by. When trying to take a selfie , however, the camera slips away, dipping down and being eaten by a soaring great white shark just below the cage. Shortly thereafter, a second shark appears and both swim around the cage.

Despite the fascination, Lisa panics and asks her to bring the cage back on board. While they are being pulled up, however, the rope in the winch loosens and the cage slides down, pulling the lifting crane down with it, which remains on the cage at a depth of 47 meters. Both women panic and try to reach the ship but fail to establish contact. Kate decides to climb out of the cage and remove the crane and get into a higher position to make radio contact. She succeeds, but shortly afterwards she is attacked by one of the great white sharks and can only barely escape back into the cage. The sisters wait in the cage for Javier, who should bring them a new rope, and look at their compressed air bottles with concern. When they hear the sound of an engine a little later, they fear that the boat is going without them, but shortly afterwards they recognize the light of a flashlight and make themselves known, but the lamp does not come any closer. Since Kate's air is not enough, Lisa decides to dive to the lamp and lead Javier to the cage. She stays on the ground, but has to flee from a shark attack and press herself into the rocks on the ground to escape the shark. She dives further and finds the lamp without a diver, shortly afterwards she comes across Javier, who is attacked by a shark, and she flees back to the cage, but can take the spare rope with her and attach it to the cage. She rises to contact Taylor and tell him about Javier's death and the situation at the cage. When she is back in the cage, he starts to climb up, but at a height of about 30 meters the spare rope breaks and the cage falls down again and this time lies on Lisa's leg, who can no longer free herself. Taylor promises Kate on the next ascent that she will lower new compressed air cylinders and notify the Coast Guard deep-sea rescue . The bottles come down shortly afterwards and Kate can get them, but she is attacked again by one of the sharks right at the cage and, after she can avoid the first attack, grabbed and carried away in the second attack.

Lisa remains alone in the cage and tries again to free herself and, when that doesn't work, she uses a harpoon arrow to get to the nearby compressed air cylinder and injures her hand in the process. Shortly before her air supply is completely used up, she succeeds in exchanging the bottles. Shortly afterwards she overhears a radio message from Kate, who has been able to save herself seriously injured in a crevice. Lisa frees herself and injures her leg in the process, but is able to come out of the cage and get to Kate, who is bleeding profusely on the ocean floor. She grabs them and transports them upwards, making contact with Taylor, who warns them not to climb too quickly. Equipped with position torches, she swims upwards, and after one of the torches goes out and a new one is lit, she sees three sharks in her immediate vicinity, which she wants to attack. In panic, the two women swim quickly upwards and drop their breathing apparatus just before the surface. When they reach the surface, they wave to the boat crew, but are attacked several times by the sharks. After several attacks, they get on board the boat, where Lisa loses consciousness. In the final scenes, Lisa is alone in the cage again and the rescue turns out to be a hallucination caused by nitrogen narcosis . Lisa is freed by several divers and brought upstairs, the end and fate of Kate remain open.


The film was produced in a collaboration between the production companies The Fyzz Facility, Dragon Root, Flexibon Films, Lantica Pictures and Tea Shop & Film Company under the title 47 Meters Down . On August 2, 2016, the film as if in the Deep in the United States of Dimension Films as Blu-ray and DVD to be released. A week before the release, the home theatrical release was canceled and the rights from Dimension Films were sold to Entertainment Studios , which were aiming for a theatrical release. Despite the publication stop and product recall, press DVDs that had already been sent and DVDs and Blu-rays that had been sold unauthorized early came into circulation. Entertainment Studios eventually returned the film to its original title, and 47 Meters Down was released in US theaters in June 2017. The film was released on December 1, 2017, distributed by Universum Film, in German-speaking countries on DVD and Blu-ray.

The film was compared with the space film Gravity , but "under water".

The production budget was 5.3 million US dollars, with gross profits of around 44 million US dollars.


A first teaser for 47 Meters Down: Uncaged was published on August 10, 2018 . As in the first part, Johannes Roberts is directing. The film was released in US cinemas on August 16, 2019.

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