AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission

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Original video animation
title AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
Original title AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission
Country of production JapanJapan Japan
original language Japanese
year 2007
Studio Studio Fantasia
length 25 minutes
Episodes 3
genre Etchi , comedy , science fiction , dystopia
Director Kazuhiko Ikeguchi
idea Studio Fantasia
music Jun'ichi Kanezaki, Hiroyuki Nomura

AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission is an anime - OVA of studios Fantasia from the year 2007. It is a prequel OVA AIKa in 1997.

The series begins 10 years before the events of Agent Aika . The work can be classified into the genres Etchi , Comedy , Science Fiction and Dystopia .


Aika Sumeragi ( 皇 藍 華 ) is the child of two scientists who experimented with her at an early age to improve her body. During one of these experiments, a fatal earthquake occurs in which everyone with the exception of Aika is killed. The Berger Gōzō Aida ( 相 田 郷 造 ) saves her from this predicament and takes her in.

A few years later, she is a talented and sporty student who passes the exam to become a mountain climber in class C. Nevertheless, Aika, who is already sixteen, is still treated like a child by Gōzō. But since she now has a license, she offers her services as a salvor. Her classmate and chairwoman of the treasure hunt club Eri Shingai ( 真 海 エ リ ) then gives her the first assignment, which she gratefully accepts and sets out with her on a private yacht. On board this ship she meets a mysterious girl who is called Karen Minamino ( 美 波 野 カ レ ン ).

Production and publication

The anime by Studio Fantasia , directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima and produced with character designer Noriyasu Yamauchi. The three episodes were released on DVD from April 25 to October 26, 2007 through Bandai Visual.

The series was also released in English by Bandai Entertainment. On German appeared AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission on 11 July 2008 at OVA film .


The German language version was produced by the Neue Tonfilm Munich dubbing studio. Actress and voice actress Beate Pfeiffer was responsible for the dubbing.

role Japanese speaker ( seiyū ) German speaker
Aika Sumeragi Ami Koshimizu Malika Bayerwaltes
Gozo Aida Akio Ōtsuka Gerhard Jilka
Gust Hiroyuki Yoshino Patrick Roche
Karen Minamino Mamiko Noto Jacqueline Belle
Eri Shingai Misato Fukuen Gabrielle Pietermann
Risako Nagisa Naoko Suzuki Martina Duncker
captain Takaya Kuroda Crock Krumbiegel
Tsukino Akio Ōtsuka Hartmut Neugebauer


The music of the anime comes from Jun'ichi Kanezaki and Hiroyuki Nomura. The opening title Sailing To The Future was sung by Ami Koshimizu, Rise was used as the ending song , as was Ami Koshimizu.

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