ASV Eppelheim

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ASV Eppelheim
Surname ASV 1888 Eppelheim eV
Club colors Black-and-white
Founded 1888 (athletes)
1910 (football)
1945 (merger)
Venue ASV sports park
Association headquarters Eppelheim
Departments Badminton , boxing , soccer , bowling,
martial arts , wrestling , table tennis , volleyball
Chairman Heinz Schuhmacher

The ASV 1888 Eppelheim eV is a German sports club founded in 1888 , with its seat in the Baden-Württemberg city ​​of Eppelheim near Heidelberg in the Rhine-Neckar district .


The first independently founded sports community of manual and mental workers can be traced back to the founding year 1888 . A year later, the Germania athletes 'club was formed , which merged with the Teutonia athletes' club in 1906 . In May 1910 the football club Victoria was established , which was followed by the founding of the football club Germania in 1916 during the First World War . Both clubs then merged on May 9, 1919 to form the 1910 Eppelheim Football Association . The ASV was finally founded on November 11, 1945 from members of these aforementioned associations.


SG ASV / DJK Eppelheim
Surname SG ASV / DJK Eppelheim
Venue ASV sports park
Places nb
Head coach Frank Engelhardt
league Regional league Rhein-Neckar
2019/20   9th place (quotient rule)

post war period

The soccer team rose to the 1946/47 season in the then second-class Landesliga Nordbaden . In the north group, the team was able to keep the class with 26:26 points over 8th place. After the following season, however, the footballers had to relegate with only 9:35 points over 11th place.

For the 1960/61 season , another promotion to the now third-class 1st Amateur League North Baden succeeded . After this season, with 25:35 points, they just managed to stay in the league again. At the end of the 1961/62 season , however, was again with 19:41 points over the 15th place of relegation.

Current time

From the 2003/04 season at the latest, the club played in the Heidelberg District League and ended the season there with 38 points in seventh place. One season later, this became the Heidelberg District League, which the club should even finish in third place with 64 points. From the 2008/09 season, the club then joined in the syndicate with the DJK Eppelheim . This season, the championship in the district league also succeeded with 66 points. Thus, the club was allowed to rise to the Rhein-Neckar regional league for the next season. In this, the class could then be held with 30 points over 11th place. The SG still plays in this league today.

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