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As dimming is called limiting the incidence of light rays through a shutter .


In shipping, dimming refers to the darkening of ship lights that shine outwards, especially when they are colored. It is used to prevent glare and deception from oncoming ships or your own crew . The ship's side windows and portholes are equipped with flaps, so-called "screens", which also provide protection in rough seas. Furthermore, customs cruisers and warships make themselves visually invisible by dimming .

Road traffic

In road vehicles, switching the headlights from the high beam to the low beam is traditionally called "dimming", although no visor is actually used. The expression is reminiscent of the technology of the glare lantern, the light output of which is actually influenced by means of adjustable openings. Similar devices are available as accessories on military vehicles.


In photography , stopping down is achieved by gradually closing the aperture . As a result, less light reaches the film, which has to be compensated for by a longer exposure time if the lighting is unchanged . Stopping down increases the depth of field . With many SLR cameras, it is possible to control the depth of field with the aid of the stop-down button . Furthermore, stopping down reduces the visibility of some aberrations in the lenses . In the case of very strong stopping down, however, the imaging properties deteriorate again due to diffraction blur .


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