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Adolf Kaegi

Adolf Kaegi (originally Kägi ) (born September 30, 1849 in Bauma , † February 14, 1923 in Rüschlikon ) was a Swiss Indologist and Graecist .


Adolf Kaegi studied ancient languages ​​and Indology, with a focus of his work on the study of Greek and Sanskrit . Rudolf von Roth and Karl Geldner were among his academic teachers . In 1875, after completing his doctorate and habilitation, Kaegi became a private lecturer in ancient Indian and in 1878 presented a study of the Rig Veda song collection .

In 1883 he was elected associate professor for "Comparative languages, with special consideration for ancient Indian and Greek" at the chair for comparative linguistic research established in 1856 at the University of Zurich under Heinrich Schweizer-Sidler . In his ten years as an associate professor, Kaegi mainly dealt with ancient Greek. He revised Gustav Eduard Benseler's Greek-German dictionary and Georg Autenrieth's dictionary of Homeric poems . He also wrote a Greek-German school dictionary and exercise books for school use. His main work was the Brief Greek School Grammar, first published in 1884 , which, in a version revised by Eduard Bornemann , is still one of the standard works in philosophical faculties today.

In 1893 Kaegi succeeded Schweizer-Sidler as full professor of Sanskrit, Indo-European and Classical Philology . As a result of a serious illness, Kaegi had to limit teaching from 1912, before Eduard Schwyzer succeeded him as full professor in 1914 . Towards the end of his research activity, Kaegi again increasingly turned to Indology.

In addition, he worked from 1901 to 1922 as a member of the "Steering Committee" of the Swiss Idiotikon , which he also chaired from 1917. Adolf Kaegi died in 1923 at the age of 72 after a long and serious illness.

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