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Karl Friedrich Geldner (born December 17, 1852 in Saalfeld / Saale , † February 5, 1929 in Marburg ) was a German orientalist , university professor and author .

life and work

Geldner studied Avesta and Sanskrit in Leipzig and Tübingen and became a professor in Halle (Saale) in 1887 . In 1890 he took over the chair of Indology in Berlin as the successor to Hermann Oldenberg and taught at the University of Marburg from 1907 , where he worked until the end of his life. In 1919 he was elected a corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences .

Geldner initially devoted himself to Avesta studies in particular, after examining numerous manuscripts he published a new critical text edition of the old Iranian writings and submitted some translations which, like the text edition, received a lot of attention in the professional world due to their excellent quality.

During his time in Halle he established a friendship with Richard Pischel (1849–1908) and together with him brought out the first volume Vedic Studies , in which the special position of the Rigveda as a very old and important work of the Indian spirit was worked out.

In 1908, Geldner took over the contributions to Avesta and Vedism in Alfred Bertholet's work Religionsgeschichtliches Lesebuch . In addition, he continued the elementary book of the Sanskrit language begun by Adolf Friedrich Stenzler and devoted himself to a complete translation of the Rig Veda during and after the First World War. A first volume appeared in 1923 in Göttingen, the complete German text in four volumes in 1951 in the Harvard Oriental Series (Vol. 33-36). A complete edition in two volumes was published in Wiesbaden in 2008.


Works (selection)

  • Metric of the Younger Avesta , 1877
  • Studies for the Avesta , 1882
  • Three Yasht from the Zendavesta , 1884
  • Avesta. The holy books of the Parsees , in German and English, 3 volumes, 1885–1895
  • Avestaliteratur , in: Grundriss der Iranischen Philologie , edited by Kuhn and Geiger
  • Seventy songs from the Rigveda , together with Roth and Kägi , 1875
  • Vedic Studies , together with Pischel; 3 volumes, 1889–1901
  • The Rigveda in Selection , 1907
  • Rig-Veda: The Sacred Knowledge of India , 1923, full translation. Reissued by Peter Michel, Marix-Verlag, 2008, ISBN 978-3-86539-165-0


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