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Adolf Callisen, Portrait of Bernhard Axel Bendixen (1837)

Adolph Carl Peter Callisen or Adolf Karl Peter Callisen (born April 8, 1786 in Glückstadt , † 1866 in Altona ) was a German-Danish doctor and lexicographer.


Surgical Academy in Copenhagen

Adolph Callisen came from a family of theologians, physicians and lawyers; he was a son of the lawyer Christian Callisen (1742-1836), nephew of the surgeon Heinrich Callisen and younger brother of the general superintendent Christian Friedrich Callisen . He studied medicine at the universities of Kiel and Copenhagen and was 1809 in Kiel with a thesis on the liver to Dr. med. PhD. In 1813 he joined the Danish service as a military doctor . After a major scientific journey, he was appointed associate professor at the Royal Surgical Academy in Copenhagen in 1816, and full professor in 1829 , and in 1842 when it merged with the university, he was appointed university professor.

In 1843 he resigned his offices in Copenhagen and retired to Altona as a privateer . Here he belonged to the Masonic Lodge Carl zum Felsen .

He translated his uncle's manual in Latin into German and added a biography of Heinrich Callisen to the second volume. His life's work, however, was the monumental medical writer's lexicon of the now living doctors, surgeons, obstetricians, pharmacists and naturalists of all educated peoples , which appeared in 33 volumes in Copenhagen and Altona from 1830 to 1845 and comprises a total of 17,488 pages.

In 1854 he donated part of his extensive library, including 6,000 dissertations and Masonic literature , to the University Library of Kiel .



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